Biggest Loads Ever Hauled

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The haulage sector is no stranger to delivering large or abnormal loads across the globe; whether it’s moving hefty construction materials or hauling vehicles and boats across the country. However, some deliveries take the biscuit when it comes to size and weight.

These gargantuan loads have smashed records and shown how far the haulage industry can go to ensure their clients receive their delivery. Read on to discover some of the biggest items ever moved by road.

Power station transformer – UK

Here in Britain, the haulage industry is no stranger to dealing with heavy loads. However, the definition of heavy was completely changed in 2013 when a mammoth power station transformer brought multiple UK roads to a standstill during transit.

The transformer, being a vital component for power stations, was transported to Cottam from Didcot Oxfordshire at a measly 4mph, causing a 13-mile tailback of traffic up the motorway behind it. The vehicle itself had to be gigantic itself to carry such a heavy load, being over 100m long.

Endeavour spacecraft – USA

Although it can be easy to focus on the hard work of astronauts and engineers who get the human race into space, let us not forget the haulage industry that gets everything from A to B – even the ships themselves.

Back in 2012, the space shuttle Endeavour was transported from LAX to its resting place at the California Space Centre. This journey took the shuttle through the streets of Los Angeles, taking up six lanes of traffic as it made its way through the city.

Thousands of people came out to see the shuttle’s final lap on top of a large 160-wheel truck, supervised by a crew tasked with pruning back hedges and moving objects that the wings may hit.

Water desalination unit – Saudi Arabia

Although space shuttles and power transformers aren’t to be sniffed at when it comes to significantly weighty loads, one delivery has completely blown all others out of the water when it comes to weight and scale.

Saudi Arabia is credited with the record of heaviest item moved by road freight, transporting a water desalination unit weighing in at a mind-blowing 4800 tonnes. This gigantic piece of machinery covered more ground than an entire football field!

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