International Haulage

Professional international car and cargo transport services across Europe

International car and cargo transport you can trust

SG Haulage provides reliable international transportation with skilled professionals for timely and secure deliveries, tailored to meet the needs of each client.

SG Haulage excels in delivering goods across borders and takes great pride in providing services of the highest quality and efficiency. You can trust that your cargo is in excellent hands with us. Whether it is a time-sensitive delivery or a complex logistic operation, we are equipped with the expertise needed to get the job done right. Our extensive knowledge and experience have garnered them a strong reputation in the industry. If you are seeking a reliable and competent haulier our exceptional team is ready and able to take on any challenge and exceed your expectations.

We have roaming permits in place for Holland and Belgium, allowing loads of up to 3m wide. We also have a Paragraph 70 permit for Germany, which allows individual loads of up to 45 tonnes. Our process for applying for dedicated route permits is simple and easy to complete.

Cargo transport kept simple with VOSA certificates

All of SG Haulage’s trucks and trailers have a VOSA certificate of the keeper so that we can apply for international haulage permits with ease. We have two escort vehicles to ensure safe passage if your load needs escorting. All vehicles conform to the latest Highways Agency specification and our fully trained drivers take care of cargo transportation every step of the way.