Why Crane Hire Is Better Than Buying

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It’s pretty common these days for a company to choose to rent construction equipment instead of purchasing it outright. When it comes to a business that relies on different types of projects to get a job completed, sometimes it’s just not feasible to purchase all of the equipment needed to get the job done. In addition to this, you’ll also want to consider general storage as well as the maintenance and upkeep of the equipment you require.

Cranes play a crucial role in all kinds of construction projects, whatever the size or nature of the project. These days, a great deal of building and construction companies prefer to use them for quick and hassle-free construction work. A small construction project is pretty easy to handle without using crane service but it can still be beneficial for you to do so, moreover when it comes to substantial construction projects using crane service is definitely the best idea. With this in mind, if you are planning to start a big construction project for building a residential or commercial area, consider hiring the services of a professional company for crane rental. Using crane rental services can provide you with numerous benefits, some of which we have listed below.

Speeds up the construction process

It is one of the primary perks of using crane services for construction projects due to the fact that a crane can increase the speed of a construction project in comparison to not having one. A high power crane can lift substantial building material to the height and ensure the workers to use the material swiftly for a smooth and organised construction project. Using crane hire services for a major building construction project will benefit owner and construction agency both because it will reduce the timeline for the completion of the project and also lower the labour costs substantially.

Facilitated by trained professionals

Using a crane at a construction site is the most challenging task, but you do not have to worry more because when you hire a professional and certified crane rental service, then you can make sure for proper operation of the crane. A trained and competent worker will operate the crane to perform various tasks at the construction site so you only have to pass instructions to the crane operator and rest of the things will happen automatically without any problem. The operator will efficiently lift the construction material and serve your workers for convenient on-site working.

You do not require any shelter

If you are running a small construction company then instead of buying a crane, it would be good to hire it for short term because you do not have to build a large shelter or employ a building to park it during non-usage. After completion of the construction work, you can return the crane to the service provider and pay the amount of rent which will be lower than the expenses of buying a new crane for your construction company.

Necessary repairs

When factor using a crane rental service, then you don’t need to worry about its repairing work because the service provider will ensure any repairing tools are provided to service it on the job site so you can carry on the construction process without major obstacles and so you can complete it within the allocated time.

A vast range of services

In selecting a rental crane service, you’ll have the option of a wider range of services, anything from the lifting capacity (ranging from low to high) to being able to choose the speed of the crane in accordance with your preferences.

Cost-effective option

Whatever type of crane model you plan to purchase, it certainly won’t be cheap, this is particularly frustrating in you only need to crane for a short amount of time, so taking this into consideration, a high-quality crane hire company can offer their services at a much more reduced fee rather than the price of buying outright. Moreover, by hiring, payments cease as soon as the job is finished; saving you potentially hundreds of pounds.


If you plan to rent a crane, you have plenty of options. It doesn’t really matter what the cost of the crane is. Even if the crane is of significantly high value, you can rent it and use it as a decreased cost. There is no need to worry about your budget. Choose a firm who are known for supplying high quality and durable cranes. Prior to a person buying a crane, they have to consider their budget, unlike in crane rental where you may rent any of the cranes, irrespective of the cost. Ultimately, you want to be keeping in mind, high quality and cost-effective rates.

Versatile factors

One of the key differences between an average and superior crane hire firm is in what they can provide for their customers. Construction projects can have their own individual problems that may not be easily resolved by certain cranes, such as unbalanced terrain or the need for mobility. Luckily, cranes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are important for a range of applications in construction. Moreover, it’ll be in your best interests to work with a company that can offer you a versatile array of crane products.

Different varieties of crane used for construction:

Cormach 65000E8 Crane

  • Can lift up to 12 ton
  • Maximum reach of 18 metres lifting 3 ton
  • 8 wheel rigid
  • Drawbar trailers for lorries

PM63026SP Crane

  • Can lift up to 10 ton
  • Maximum reach of 17.5 metres lifting 2.5 ton
  • 8 wheel rigid
  • Drawbar trailers for lorries

Cormach 51000 E6 Crane

  • Can lift up to 10 ton
  • Maximum reach of 14 metres lifting 2.5 ton
  • Tractor unit with extending flat or step frame trailers

PM100029SP Crane

  • 9 hydraulic extensions reaching out to a maximum reach of 22.5 metres
  • Can lift 16.160ton @ 5 metres to 2.7 ton @ 22.5 metres
  • 8 wheel rigid with rear steer
  • 3 axle trailer
  • Hydraulic extension to support any load up to 9 metres long

PK85002F Crane

  • 7 hydraulic extensions reaching out to a maximum reach of 17.8 metres
  • Can lift 3.5ton @ 17.8 metres
  • Tractor unit
  • 3 axle trailer
  • Hydraulic extension to support any load up to 9 metres long

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