The Best Road Trips in Europe

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When you’re stuck in yet another jam on the m25, it can be easy to look at driving as a necessary evil. However, not all roads are created equal and some are heaven-sent as some of the best drives both in the UK and on the continent.

Whether you’re a seasoned haulage driver who is well-versed on the roads or are simply someone with four wheels and the desire to hit the tarmac, these are our top picks of the best road trips in Europe.

The Alpine Road

Also known as the Alpenstrasse, this winding route through the higher-altitudes of Germany’s meadows mountains and lakes is not one to be missed. Starting at the gorgeous lakeside town of Lindau, travellers can expect to see the true highlights of Bavaria.

Stop by Neuschwanstein Castle to see the inspiration behind Walt Disney’s Cinderella castle, or hit the slopes at Garmisch-Partenkirchen. This is also a great time to experience the iconic autobahn, the German motorway system that has no speed limit in certain areas.

Ring of Kerry

The Emerald Isle is famed for its ruggedly beautiful coastlines and rolling green hills, making it one of the most amazing places to hit the road. One of the most famous road trips around Ireland is known as the Ring of Kerry, covering over 200km of the country’s most stunning natural landmarks.

Dotted along the windswept hills and rocky beaches are also a host of quaint villages for you to stop at and grab a drink.

Route Napoleon

First opened in 1932, the Route Napoleon follows the mighty general of the same name’s journey on his march from Elba to Grenoble in 1815. A year before this, Napoleon had abdicated, however, this march was his journey to overthrow Louis the 18th.

The route begins in Grasse and continues over 150km to its final destination in Grenoble. Between these two locations, drivers can wind through the alps, with the road itself fantastically designed for a smooth ride and with awe-inspiring views in mind.

The old military road

Looking for a gorgeous drive that doesn’t require a plane journey? The old military road may just be what you’re looking for. Taking you straight into the heart of the Cairngorms national park, travellers will experience what some have deemed the perfect road.

The Cairngorms themselves are a sight to behold; with endless mountain vistas looming over moorland and deep lakes. However, the road itself is a real star as it is usually very quiet, giving you space to truly enjoy the drive. Whilst most drivers will use the motorway running next to the national park, you’ll get to experience the winding rollercoaster of tarmac that is the old military road.

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