The Benefits of Living on a Canal Boat

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In a day and age when owning a home in the city is becoming less of an option for people from all parts of society, many people are considering living on a canal boat in order to save money. Buying a canal boat outright is far cheaper than investing in a property, however, there are a number of other benefits to consider, too!

You Have The Freedom To Move Whenever You Want

This is the big one. Living on a boat rather than a house gives you the unique opportunity to move around precisely whenever you want! Of course, you’ve got to consider getting to work, however, you’re free to move on to another stretch of canal whenever you like!

Similarly, you might now be able to live in an area of the country you simply wouldn’t be able to afford in a house. In central London, moorings are expensive and busy, but they’re considerably cheaper than buying a property in the same area!

You’re Close To Nature

For many, being close to nature really goes towards improving the quality of life. Waking up to the sounds and smells of living in the countryside can help to keep you relaxed and give you a newfound appreciation of wildlife and the world.

Keeping Fit Isn’t a Problem

When you live on a boat, you have to be much more active than when living in a home. You’ll have to do a lot of walking and carry supplies as well as work the locks when you move to a new location. Keeping yourself active during the day-to-day activities of life means you won’t have to spend so much time at the gym!

It’s More Peaceful Than Living in The City

Finally, living on a boat is a far more tranquil option than living in the middle of a city. By listening to the gentle splashing of water every day and being in a location that’s more quiet and calm, you can reduce stress and get away from the hectic nature of life in the city.

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