How to Prepare For a Caravan Holiday: Top Tips From Haulage Experts

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The classic caravan holiday is one of the most British past times, with nearly 65 million nights spent caravanning and camping in 2018. Of course, going abroad is great, but travelling around the UK can help you get to know some of the amazing beaches, landscapes and sights that are on your very doorstep and you could save money too.

The UK is full of some of the picturesque beaches for you to enjoy. Walk along the beach with classic fish and chips, have tasty Cornish ice cream or relax as you watch Newquay’s gorgeous sunset. Caravanning gives you the freedom to go where you want and experience the great outdoors.

So now you know what makes a caravan holiday so great, you’re probably wondering how you should prepare. In this blog, we explain all you need to know about planning the perfect trip, so you can get on with your holiday.

Choosing your location

Caravan sites can be found all across the UK, close to some of the most beautiful places around the coast. From sandy beaches to luscious moors, caravanning in the UK will leave you spoilt for choice – you’d be surprised how many amazing locations there are in the UK.


Just across the bridge, Wales is studded with wonderful beaches and natural sights that make the perfect spot for surfing, walking and relaxing. There are so many locations to choose from including Pembrokeshire, with its award-winning beaches to the wonders of Conwy Castle, the sights are so beautiful that you may think you’re not in the UK at all!


Cornwall is home to quaint harbour villages, towering cliffs and a number of family-friendly resorts – so something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a weekend full of activities or a place where you can energise and soak up the scenery, Cornwall has an array of things to suit everyone. Why not set sail and take a trip on one of the many boat excursions in Cornwall or bring your bike for a family cycle around sandbanks and grassy paths?


The sandy beaches and fossil cliffs that encompass Devon are enough to make you want to stay. Set up your caravan and enjoy the views from your window whether you’re in Torquay, Dartmoor or Ilfracombe. If you’re lucky enough to visit Devon when the sun’s out, you can experience the beautiful weather and amazing atmosphere of the place. Plus, if you need a little afternoon pick me up, Devon is full and delicious tea rooms for you to tuck into a traditional Devonshire cream tea. The English Riviera is admired all over the world, perfectly capturing some of the most quintessentially British things.


Dorset is full of some of the most geographical wonders such as Durdle Door and the scenic Isle of Portland. You may also recognise Dorset’s West Bay and the town of Bridport as the setting for ITV’s drama Broadchurch. A vibrant market town, there’s a lot to see and plenty to do in Bridport as well as the rest of Dorset.

Before you leave for your caravan holiday

Once you’ve found the perfect location for your caravan trip, you’ll need to plan all the other aspects too. With a little organisation, you can eliminate any problems along the way and that dreaded feeling of leaving something behind!

Here we explain some of the things you can do before you set off.

Plan your route

Planning your route before you hit the road will make you feel more confident about the trip, especially if you’re the one driving. Winging it or leaving it to the last minute means you could run into unexpected problems along the way. Take a look at each route beforehand so you can find one that’s efficient but you still feel comfortable with. This will also make you aware of any travel disruptions along the way so you can get there on time without any problems.

Check the weather

Make sure you check the weather before you set off. Rain, wind and snow can make the roads more dangerous, but if you check the forecast you can get prepared. A change in weather can also alter your plans, particularly if you have a lot of outdoor activities planned. However, being in your caravan is a great opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Preparing your caravan for travel

You also need to prepare the caravan itself to ensure it’s safe or it may become unsteady on the road. Here we explain some top safety tips that you can follow.

Arrange caravan transport

Not everyone will tow their own caravan as you must have the correct driving licence to do so. There are different restrictions depending on the weight of your caravan, some of which will require you to pass additional driving tests known as B+E. If you don’t have what’s needed to tow your own caravan, you’ll need to hire a professional haulage service to transport your caravan.

Here at SG Haulage, we’ve helped hundreds of clients transport their caravan across the UK. You can rest assured that our professional team will take care of your caravan, planning every route carefully and using specialist vehicles to haul your goods efficiently. Contact us today for more information.

Pack it properly

Packing your caravan in the right way will keep it safe throughout the journey. It’s a good idea to weigh heavy items such as bikes and portable TVs to ensure you’re not going over the maximum towing capacity. Overloading your caravan or packing it incorrectly can cause real problems while you’re driving such as accelerating and climbing hills, plus the heavier it is the more unstable it becomes.

To keep things safe, always pack the heaviest items as low as possible over the caravan’s wheels, as storing anything too close to the front of the caravan will cause unnecessary pressure on your car’s rear suspension. Medium weighing items should be placed within the middle of the caravan and the lightest items at the top in overhead storage.

What should you bring?

Going on a caravan holiday means you have more control over what you do but as a self-catering trip you will need to bring some essentials with you. What you need depends on the facilities within your caravan and the campsite, but having a checklist will stop you forgetting anything important. Below are some of the items you might need to bring:

  • Crockery, pots, pans and kitchenware

  • Cleaning items

  • Towels and bedding

  • Food snacks and drink

  • Entertainment – board games, tablets, pack of cards etc

  • Chargers

SG Haulage: Caravan transport services you can rely on

Here at SG Haulage, we’re proud to be one of the leading boat and caravan haulage companies in the UK. If you’re planning a caravan holiday then you may require transportation services to get your vehicle safely from A to B.

Our fleet or reliable haulage trucks are available in all sizes, so we can find the right mode of transport for your caravan. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our dedicated team of hauliers will plan everything so you don’t have to worry. Get your holiday off to the best start, get in touch today and find out how we can help.