8 Fun Activities for a Family Caravan Holiday

Reading Time: 6 mins

Taking a caravan holiday with your loved ones gives you an opportunity to see the UK from a unique perspective. Perhaps more importantly, it also gives you an opportunity to spend time with your family.

Make sure you take full advantage of this experience. When you’re spending a large portion of your holiday in a vehicle, you’ll want to be entertained. This is particularly true if you have children. While you could resort to traditional options, such as letting your children play games on their mobile phones, you might instead prefer to spend this time connecting with one another.

Consider the following ideas and activities if that’s the case. They’ll turn holiday entertainment into lasting memories.

Prepare Trivia Questions

You’ll likely be visiting many noteworthy spots during a caravan holiday. Keep that in mind when planning how you’ll entertain yourself and your children during the trip. 

For instance, you could engage in educational activities. When you map out your route, make a note of the areas you will be visiting, and research them. Come up with some trivia questions about these areas to keep your children engaged.

This is also an option to consider during your return. If you drive past the same spots, you can ask your children the same questions again, seeing how much they have remembered.

Tell Jokes or Scary Stories

The tradition of passing time by telling jokes or scary tales has been popular for countless years because it is naturally enjoyable. You would be shocked by how quickly time can seem to pass when you and your loved ones engage in these activities during a caravan holiday. 

Additionally, when people tell jokes or share stories, the conversation often turns to other topics. This is another reason to consider this simple but smart entertainment option. The more you talk, the more you and your loved ones can learn about one another.

Play the Music Name Game

It’s worth noting that you may not have children. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan fun activities as you prepare for a caravan holiday. There are many activities adults can enjoy just as much as their kids.

An example is the music name game. It’s a fairly simple game, but music fans find they enjoy the way it tests their knowledge.

All you have to do is name a musical artist or band, such as The Beatles. The next person needs to quickly name a musical artist or band whose name starts with the last letter of the previously mentioned artist. For instance, if you were to name The Beatles, the next person might name Santana.

You don’t want to give participants too much time to answer. Most music fans can typically name a band that starts with any letter if they have enough time to think about it. This game is most fun when it genuinely tests a person’s ability to think quickly. Thus, you might consider using an app on your phone to set a timer every time someone’s turn begins. While this will require someone to reset the timer constantly, it will also ensure the game is as enjoyable as possible.

Listen to Podcasts

There will likely be instances during your caravan holiday when everyone is tired of playing games or talking. As much fun as telling jokes can be, if everyone in the vehicle has spent the past few hours telling jokes, they may understandably want a break.

Consider listening to a podcast when these instances arise. This can be a more rewarding option than simply listening to music or allowing the kids to play mobile games. Podcasts cover a range of topics, providing yet another educational experience during your trip. They also give you something to talk about later on. That’s not usually the case when you spend a portion of the trip listening to the same music you’ve all heard before.

Review Your Experience

Have you ever noticed how people often discuss the films they’ve just seen after going to the cinema? Many people enjoy not only sharing experiences with loved ones, but also reviewing those experiences later.

Don’t overlook this during a caravan holiday. Odds are good you’ll have a range of experiences during your trip. Odds are also good your family members will want to discuss them. If you do so in an active and organised way, you can have very productive and interesting conversations.

For example, perhaps there’s a particular type of meal you and your loved ones enjoy. You might choose to try this meal at several different restaurants during your holiday. After eating, everyone (except the driver, of course) can spend 15 to 30 minutes writing a brief review of the meal. Then, you can all share your reviews, discussing how the meal compares to the other ones you’ve tried while on holiday.

That’s merely one example. You may choose to review historic sites, towns, or any other spots or experiences that appeal to you.

Document the Trip Together

It’s important to remember that your caravan holiday is by no means the only time this experience will provide you with a chance to spend more time with your loved ones. You can also make memories by talking about the holiday after it’s over.

This is more likely to happen if you look back on your experiences in an organised and structured manner. One way to do so is to task different members of the family with documenting the trip in different ways. For instance, if one family member is a skilled photographer, they can take pictures throughout the trip. One who is a skilled artist may sketch areas you travel through. Someone who is a strong writer can write journal entries or poems about your experiences. Someone might even record their thoughts and impressions on audio, as if they were documenting their holiday for a podcast.

After the trip is over, coordinate with your family members on a project that involves using all the material everyone generated. Using the example above, you could put together your own book about the holiday. The book may feature the journal entries, poems, pictures, and drawings your family created. 

Plan a Social Media Competition

People have always enjoyed taking pictures while on holiday. However, thanks to the rise of mobile phones and various social media platforms, this activity is arguably more popular than ever.

Do you and your family members enjoy sharing photos from your trips on Facebook or Instagram? If so, you may want to add some fun to your holiday with a friendly competition. Everyone who wants to participate can take pictures throughout the trip to see whose yield the most “Likes” on Instagram or a similar platform. You may even consider offering some sort of prize to the winner.

Just keep in mind that, for numerous reasons, some family members may have more social media followers than others. This gives them an unfair advantage in this type of competition. Consider making sure everyone has a fair chance by creating one account for all the pictures. Thus, when someone shares them, none of your followers will know which specific family member took which specific photographs.

Keep Apps in Mind

Yes, your main goal is to ensure your family connects with one another during your caravan holiday. That means making sure your children don’t spend too much time playing games on their phones.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use your phones at all when entertaining each other throughout the trip. A quick search will reveal there are many apps that might provide you and your loved ones with fun and genuinely valuable experiences.

Some are trivia apps. Some are games. Some are apps that feature questions designed specifically to help people get to know one another better. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll certainly find an app that can make a caravan holiday with your family even more enjoyable than it already is.

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