Best Foods For Long Distance Journeys

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Eat Healthy on the go

Driving is a sedentary job and when you are sat doing nothing all day, it can be easy to reach down for that bag of crisps or into that packet of biscuits.

Food intake is important, as unhealthy foods can make us feel sluggish and tired, causing us to need to drink and use the toilet a lot more than necessary.

Avoid Caffeine

When you’re tired, you might think that a caffeine boost is what you need, but this can often have the opposite effect. Sure you will experience the highs of the initial buzz and feel more awake for a while, but once this starts to wear off and you hit the caffeine ‘crash’ you will feel even more tired than before the caffeine. Highs and lows make it more difficult to concentrate for long periods of time.

Foods high in sugar and sweeteners will also give you these ‘highs and lows’ where you feel bursts of energy for short periods of time then a crash as your body craves more sugar to keep it going.

Avoid Messy Foods

Most people probably wouldn’t consider trying to tackle a taco on the go or tucking into some ribs while on the move. If you are one of those lunatics that do that, however, it might be time to reconsider your life choices. No seriously, your dietary choices are none of my business, but if your eating habits happen to be interfering with your driving ability, putting other road users at risk, then maybe you should consider switching to foods that are easier to eat on the go.

Good Ideas

  • Rice cakes
  • Almonds, cashews & mixed nuts
  • Hummus and vegetables like carrot or cucumbers
  • Fruit such as apples and bananas
  • Dried fruits like mango & raisins
  • Drink lots of water

There are a whole range of foods out there to enhance your trip just waiting to be discovered. Don’t settle for overpriced petrol station sweets and fizzy drinks, visit supermarkets and convenience shops for healthier alternatives and save money while doing it too.

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