10 Ways to Simplify an International Relocation

Reading Time: 6 mins

Are you planning an international relocation in the near future? If so, you likely don’t need to be told how intimidating the idea can be. The process of moving house is always complex. When you’re relocating to another country, you may feel even more overwhelmed.

That’s an understandable reaction. However, it doesn’t need to be the case. You’ll find that relocating internationally is much easier than you may have expected if you prepare accordingly.

These suggestions will help. As you get ready for your international relocation, be sure to keep them in mind.

Ensure You Have All Necessary Documents

Depending on where you are relocating to, there’s a good chance you’ll need to apply for certain documents beforehand. Make a point of completing this task early. While securing the necessary documents can be tedious, your stress levels will be much greater if you wait until the last moment. Additionally, if you’re not confident you know which documents you need to secure, consult with an expert. They’ll help you better understand what documentation will be necessary when you relocate to another country.

Get Help When You Can

You can simplify the process of an international relocation by considering which tasks and responsibilities you don’t need to address yourself.

For example, it’s obviously going to be necessary to move certain items and possessions to your new home. Some of these may be fairly heavy, such as your vehicle. You also may not feel comfortable driving your own vehicle to a different country. When relocating, you shouldn’t have to worry about navigating roadways. You already have other important responsibilities to consider.

Thus, you might choose to hire an international transport and road haulage company to transport your vehicle and related possessions. Hiring experts will significantly reduce the stress of relocating.

Sell Certain Items

Relocating internationally becomes much easier when you minimise the number of items and possessions you need to transport. Remember this in the months leading up to your relocation. There’s a good chance many of your old possessions no longer possess the same value for you that they once did. By selling them, you’ll reduce the number of items you need to transport, while earning a little bit of extra money as well.

Explain the Relocation Early

Depending on your personal circumstances, there may be people in your life this relocation will naturally affect. An obvious example is your children. Moving to a new country can intimidate anyone. If you’re a child, the prospect is often even more daunting.

It’s true that discussing sensitive topics such as these with children isn’t always easy. However, it’s also necessary. Your children need time to prepare for the relocation too. Explaining the issue early and thoroughly will give them that time. 

Set a Budget

Moving house always costs some money. When relocating to a new country, you may incur transportation costs, haulage costs, storage costs, legal fees, and much more. It’s also highly likely you’ll incur additional expenses you hadn’t anticipated.

That’s why it’s important to start setting a budget as soon as you know you will be relocating internationally. List all of the services and items you’ll need to pay for in the coming months, and research how much you should expect to pay for them.

Setting your budget early will serve as a reminder to set money aside as you plan for the relocation. Your main goal should be to set aside more money than you believe you will need. Again, you don’t want to experience unnecessary stress because you didn’t consider a certain expense when budgeting. If you have more than enough money saved, this type of surprise is less likely to cause significant problems.

Address Practical Changes Early

You already know you will need to secure certain documentation before relocating to your new home. You’ll also probably need to adjust certain accounts and policies.

For example, you may need to transfer your finances to a new institution. Research these types of issues, and take all necessary action as soon as possible. This is once again an instance when you could substantially guard against stress by deciding not to procrastinate.

Treat the Process Like a Business Project

Have you ever managed a project in your career? If so, you know that projects run much more smoothly when you take the time to organise them properly. That often involves using as few resources as necessary. For example, instead of keeping all project folders in separate locations, you would keep them in a central space.

You should adopt the same attitude when planning for an international relocation. One way to do so is to create a single digital folder where you keep digital copies of all relevant documents and items. This may include travel documents, your budget, your list of tasks, and any other documents you generate during your move. Of course, when storing sensitive documents digitally, you only want to store copies, and not the originals. Additionally, you may want to create a spreadsheet or similar document in which you track your progress, noting when you’ve addressed certain key tasks. This prevents you from overlooking essential details.

Storing these items in the same digital folder will save you a substantial amount of time and energy. Instead of trying to find a document every time you need to reference it, you’ll know exactly where it is. This allows you to focus on necessary tasks.

Delegate Responsibilities

Just as you can hire haulage companies and other professionals to address certain tasks, so too can you enlist the help of others involved in the move to relieve some of your own burden.

If you have a spouse, they might be responsible for ensuring you stay within your budget and complete key tasks on time, while you can be responsible for making arrangements with haulage companies and applying for essential documents. Depending on how old your children are, they might also be able to help in some capacity.

Once again, you’ll benefit from thinking about your relocation from the perspective of a manager. Anyone involved in moving house is akin to an employee of a company. If you were managing a business project, you wouldn’t attempt to complete all tasks yourself. You would instead delegate specific responsibilities to specific employees. Do the same when preparing for an international relocation.


Don’t overlook the value of this tip! Yes, when preparing to relocate to another country, it’s important to thoroughly address all practical issues and complete all necessary tasks early. However, you’re only a human being. You need to give yourself an opportunity to relax throughout this somewhat-stressful process.

You’ll find that’s much easier to do if you make a plan. After all, when listing all the tasks that need to be completed before you relocate, you probably set deadlines to ensure you complete them according to schedule. You should do the same when considering how you’ll relax before you move house. If you set aside time to make a schedule, you’ll probably find there are instances in the future when you can justify stepping away from the process for a few days.

This is important. You’ll actually relocate much more efficiently if you guard against stress.

Plan Exciting Activities

This is another tip you shouldn’t overlook, even though doing so is easy.

Once more, relocating internationally is particularly difficult for some children. If your children are anxious, it will affect your own feelings about moving house.

That’s why you should research your new home. Make a list of fun and exciting activities you’ll enjoy once you relocate. Most importantly, make sure the activities you focus on are unique to your new country. You want to show your children why they should be excited about an international relocation. In fact, even if you don’t have children, focusing on the reasons to look forward to your relocation will still help you feel more positively about the experience.

The main point to remember is that an international relocation doesn’t need to be nearly as stressful as you might imagine. You simply need to plan ahead.

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