What Can a HIAB Truck Lift?

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Weights & Items HIAB Trucks Can Handle

A HIAB truck or crane allows you to load and unload heavy objects without needing too much equipment, saving you time and money. The HIAB truck is made up of a crane mounted on a modified truck chassis, forming a vehicle that self-loads and unloads.

The word HIAB is used to refer to the truck-mounted crane, known as a HIAB truck or HIAB crane. But as a matter of fact, it’s an acronym for Hydrauliska Industri AB, the Finnish company that invented the revolutionary hydraulic loading crane. HIAB manufactures an array of load-handling equipment ideal for virtually any loading or unloading task, such as HIAB cranes.

With a HIAB crane truck, you can lift products as well as deliver them to other sites.


The Weights That HIAB Trucks Can Handle

The weight of the load you want to lift and the distance required to lift it will determine the type of HIAB truck or crane you’ll need. There are a range of different HIAB crane choices to suit different lifting requirements and vehicle sizes.

Small HIABs

These include small and medium-sized trucks that are fitted with light-capacity HIAB loader cranes. They can lift a maximum capacity of 12-tonne metres ™. Despite being small and lightweight, these truck loaders can lift different kinds of goods, such as cable spools and tyres, and keep items in position while you’re working with them.

Medium HIABs

These trucks have medium-capacity loader cranes, which can lift between 12 tm and 30 tm. The wide range of crane setups that you can utilise help ensure an optimal configuration, with a decent balance between the payload space and the crane. Consequently, these trucks have greater flexibility.

You can use medium HIABs to carry out general duties, such as transportation of gravel, sand, and construction supplies. However, you can use them for more complex tasks like lifting medium-sized containers.

Heavy-Lifting HIABs

Heavy-capacity HIAB cranes can accommodate loads of more than 30 tm. They offer outstanding flexibility and performance. The heavy-lifting trucks fitted with these cranes are ideal for use in tasks that require complicated manipulating and manoeuvring, such as construction, installation, and complex salvage operations.

Items That a HIAB Truck Can Lift

A HIAB truck has precision controls and increased payload room that makes loading and unloading easier and faster. Its long reach enables it to work around the tight obstacles on a job site. As a result, you can tackle complicated projects and handle different types of objects with ease.

Shipping containers

HIAB trucks are perfect for lifting and transporting your shipping container, whether empty, loaded or converted. They provide precision placement on the site. You can also have a HIAB crane truck put heavy items in a container for you.

Construction work

HIAB trucks are commonly used in the construction industry to move materials. A key feature that makes them hugely beneficial is that they usually don’t require special road closures when loading or delivering. Therefore, they can respond to short notice lifting requirements and tight deadlines, which is usually a key factor in the construction industry, where materials have to be on-site to meet building or refurbishment completion schedules.

Some of the heavy loads they can lift and transport are building supplies, generators, and construction site accommodation, including offices and welfare units, just to mention a few.

These trucks are also ideal for collecting, transporting, and placing pieces of rail equipment onto the railway.

Farm equipment

A HIAB truck can lift tractors and other agricultural equipment for farms.

Portable units

You can use the truck’s impressive lifting capabilities to relocate your coffee kiosk, portable cabin, ablution units or any other portable units to a different location.


A long reach HIAB is suitable for installations, such as installing timber frames and marketing signage. Unlike cranes, a heavy-duty HIAB can also deliver the frames to the required site, making it more time-efficient and cost-effective.

Other applications

If you’re planning to move the machinery or equipment below, a HIAB truck will be extremely useful:

  • Vehicles
  • Boats
  • Forklifts
  • Earthmoving equipment
  • Elevated work platforms (EWP)
  • Heavy-duty pumps
  • Exhibition display stands
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Tanks
  • Power poles

The list above isn’t exhaustive. HIAB trucks are ideally suited for a wide range of heavy-duty lifting and transport jobs. These jobs can result in damage to property or injury if they’re done without the proper training, so be sure to seek HIAB hire services from a reputable company.

To find the perfect HIAB truck hire for your project, contact SG Haulage. We always prioritise safety and best practice. All our operators are CPCS and ALLMI-accredited. What’s more, we have more than 25 years of experience, so you can be sure we’ll work with you to define your heavy job needs and meet them safely and competently.