Things to Consider Before Moving Abroad

Reading Time: 2 mins

Are you considering a move abroad? Before you take off, there are a few practical considerations you need to work out. For example, what kind of visa can you get in your chosen country? If you can only stay for 60 days at a time, you may wish to look for something a little more beneficial.

Rent or Purchase a Home?

A home in a new country can be a little difficult, since you may not know exactly where you want to live in the long run. Most people opt to rent for a bit and then choose a home once they feel more comfortable in the country.

If you do choose to rent, be sure to use a real estate agent from the country, as they will be most familiar with the laws and regulations for expats. Depending on the country, you may be allowed to purchase only certain types of properties or you may need to bring in a certain amount of money before you can buy a home.

Where’s the Money Coming From?

Will you be permitted to work as an expat? In many countries, you’ll need a work visa or permanent residency, so it’s a good idea to determine which of these is your best option. You may also opt to work online, so you aren’t tethered to one particular location. For some expats, this is the most practical and flexible option.

When it comes to finances, you should also be aware of what your tax status is as an expat.

Which Moving Company?

Will you be moving your furniture and belongings with you? If so, you will need to decide on a moving company that is able to move across borders and is familiar with your needs. You may find it simplest to haul everything you want to take with you, including the car, and simply fly to your destination.

Choose a moving company with an excellent reputation and that can provide you with everything you need on your journey. The driver should be able to handle border guards with ease and you should be guided through the paperwork to ensure everything arrives safely at your new home.

There are endless things to worry about when you move abroad, but if you have these basics down, you’ll be able to make the move fairly smoothly. This is particularly true if you choose the right people to work with as you make your move.

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