The benefits of crane hire

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If you’re a decision-maker or project manager in the construction industry, it’s likely that you’ve considered weighing up the pros and cons of crane hire versus outright purchasing a unit. Cranes are used in virtually all commercial construction projects, so it’s likely that you’ll need to make use of one or more cranes on a regular basis.

While it can seem more feasible to make an outright purchase at first, it’s important to consider why a professional crane hire solution makes more sense. In this article, we’re going to consider the benefits of crane hire, and why it is more practical than buying a crane.

Crane hire allows you to select the right tool for the job

When hiring lifting equipment, you’ll always have a wide selection of cranes to choose from at SG Haulage Ltd. This allows you to pick and choose the correct lifting gear for the job. When you outright purchase a crane, you could be stuck with an expensive piece of kit that is not practical for your next job. To avoid this, choose crane hire, and get the right tool for the job on every project. We hold an extensive fleet of cranes at our depot and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements to ensure you choose a suitable piece of heavy lifting equipment every single time.

Hired equipment is safety compliant and well-maintained

Heavy lifting machinery can be dangerous, particularly if it is not regularly maintained and tested. It’s therefore imperative that any cranes your employees use have been tested and signed off as compliant. With SG Haulage Ltd, you can rely on our team of experienced and trained professionals to maintain and inspect your hired lifting equipment on your behalf – and if you experience any issues, we’re here to help put them right. As a professional crane hire firm in Lincoln, we adhere to the terms and conditions of the Construction Plant Hire Association (CPA).

Our crane hire experts can offer advice

Undoubtedly one of the greatest benefits of crane hire is that you’ll always have an opportunity to discuss the requirements of your project with our professionals. Over the decades, we’ve built up a knowledge base of industry-specific information, and we’re here to advise you on everything from the best health and safety practices to staying compliant with rules and regulations.

In addition to this, you’ll receive professional support in terms of operating the crane, with qualified crane drivers and slinger banksmen to ensure the job goes as smoothly as possible. Our crane operators are registered with CSCS, CPCS and ALLMI, while our banksmen are CPCS and NPORS qualified.

Crane hire is convenient

The beauty of renting a mobile crane is that you can arrange access to your heavy lifting equipment at any location, and at any time. When you own a crane outright, you have the headache of transporting the machinery from one job site to another, which can be incredibly difficult if you’ve got multiple projects on at the same time. With crane hire from SG Haulage Ltd, you name the date, time and place, and we’ll supply you with the heavy lifting equipment you need – when you need it.

You don’t need any storage space for your crane

When you purchase your own heavy lifting equipment, you’ll also need ample amounts of storage space. In addition to this, you might also need security to keep it safe when it’s out of use. When you rent a crane, you won’t need to worry about storage space once your construction project has been completed. Instead, you can allow us to take care of it for you until the next time you need to hire heavy lifting equipment. This convenience is undoubtedly one of the greatest benefits of crane hire and is something many of our clients appreciate.

You’ll be covered in the event of equipment failure

Our equipment is always in perfect condition, so the chances of failure are incredibly slim – barring adverse weather conditions or a freak incident. However, in the event that the unlikely happens and your crane malfunctions, our team will be on-hand to undertake repairs or deliver a replacement to ensure your construction project continues to run smoothly. We’ll respond rapidly, and minimise any downtime by offering a prompt response so that you can get on with the task at hand.

Crane hire is more affordable

Do you only need a crane for a small task or one-off project? If so, crane hire makes perfect sense. For construction projects that only last a couple of weeks, the upfront costs of hiring a crane will be much cheaper than purchasing one outright. If you rarely use heavy lifting equipment and only need a crane for a specific project, it makes little sense to buy one considering that it will go unused for most of the year.

Instead, it makes much more sense to rent a crane from SG Haulage Ltd. It’s quick and convenient – we’ll even be able to supply the operators. Upon completion of the project, we’ll arrange to take the crane away.

Need a crane for your construction project? Hire one today

If you require heavy lifting equipment for your latest construction project, SG Haulage Ltd is here to help you get the right piece of kit for the job. As one of Europe’s leading specialist construction equipment hire companies, we’ll always go the extra mile to ensure the needs of you and your team are catered for.

We’ll provide all necessary risk assessments, lift plans and method statements, and our equipment is rigorously tested every six months. This provides our clients with complete peace of mind and allows us to help them get on with their projects on time and to budget.

For further information on crane hire, please do not hesitate to contact us today. Our experienced, professional and friendly team will be happy to offer advice and guide you through the crane hire process.