Our Range of Heavy Haulage Trucks Available

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Heavy haulage is a specialised field that requires not just powerful vehicles but also the assurance of safety and reliability. SG Haulage, a leader in this industry, boasts a fleet of heavy haulage trucks that are equipped to handle a variety of demanding transportation tasks. This article explores the various trucks in their fleet, focusing on their capabilities, safety features, and the peace of mind they offer to customers.

Cranes: The Backbone of Heavy Lifting

The use of crane hire in heavy haulage is a critical aspect of SG Haulage’s operations, combining efficiency with unparalleled safety. This section delves into how these cranes are utilised, focusing on their operational capabilities and the added value they bring to the heavy haulage process.

Cormach 6500 E8

The Cormach 6500 E8 stands out for its advanced engineering, designed to handle heavy lifting with precision. Its robust structure and powerful engine enable it to lift substantial loads of up to 12 tonnes with a reach of 18 metres. Safety-wise, this crane is equipped with state-of-the-art stability control systems and overload protection, ensuring operations are conducted without risk.


The PM63026SP is renowned for its versatility and efficiency. It offers a high lifting capacity of 10 tonnes and an extended reach of 17 metres, making it ideal for a range of applications. The crane is designed with safety in mind, featuring advanced control systems that provide smooth operation and prevent accidents, thereby offering peace of mind to clients.

Cormach 51000 E6

The Cormach 51000 E6 is a powerhouse, capable of handling heavy loads of up to 10 tonnes. This crane is designed for maximum performance and durability with a decent reach of 14 metres. Its safety features include sophisticated load-handling systems and emergency stop functions, ensuring that even the most challenging tasks are completed safely and efficiently.

Trucks: The Driving Force in Transportation

Our trucks are another critical component of our fleet at SG Haulage. We use a variety of Scania trucks which offer tremendous durability and adaptability, allowing us to provide road haulage, heavy or abnormal haulage and boat or caravan transport. Our two main trucks in the fleet include the:

Scania R620

The Scania R620 is a testament to SG Haulage’s commitment to quality and reliability. This truck is known for its robust performance, capable of transporting heavy loads over long distances without breaking a sweat. It is equipped with advanced safety features like adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance, ensuring safe and secure transportation of goods. With a maximum load capacity of 40 tonnes, the R620 is suitable for most heavy-load transportation.

Scania R730

The Scania R730 is another stellar addition to SG Haulage’s fleet. It combines power with efficiency, making it perfect for heavy-duty transportation. The truck is fitted with safety technologies such as electronic stability control and advanced emergency braking systems, guaranteeing the safety of the cargo and the driver. It can also carry a significant load of up to 56 tonnes, making it a perfect choice for particularly heavy haulage.

Trailers and Semi-Loaders: Supporting the Heavyweights

As well as cranes and trucks, our fleet at SG Haulage incorporates various trailers and semi-loaders to provide support and additional flexibility for jobs. These include:

Self-Loading Moffett Forklifts

These forklifts are crucial for efficient loading and unloading operations. Our self-loading Moffett forklifts are compact, yet powerful, capable of handling significant weights. Their safety features include excellent manoeuvrability and stability, reducing the risk of accidents during loading or unloading.

Loader Cranes and Forklifts

Loader cranes and forklifts in SG Haulage’s fleet are designed to complement the trucks and cranes, providing an all-around solution for heavy haulage. They are equipped with advanced safety features, including precise control systems and safety interlocks, ensuring that every lifting operation is safe and controlled.

Safety and Peace of Mind: SG Haulage’s Promise

SG Haulage understands that the transportation of heavy goods is not just about power and capability. Safety is a paramount concern, both for the cargo and the people involved in the transportation process. Each vehicle in their fleet is regularly maintained and subjected to rigorous safety checks. This meticulous approach to safety ensures that every journey is not only efficient but also secure. Furthermore, SG Haulage’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond providing robust and safe vehicles. They offer comprehensive services, including planning, route surveys, and escort vehicles, to ensure that each transportation task is executed flawlessly. This end-to-end approach provides customers with the peace of mind that their cargo is in safe hands, from the point of loading to the final destination.

A Reliable Fleet to Suit Your Needs

SG Haulage’s range of heavy haulage trucks is a blend of power, efficiency, and safety. From the versatile cranes like Cormach 6500 E8 and PM63026SP to the robust Scania trucks and the supportive trailers and semi-loaders, each component of their fleet is designed to meet the highest standards of safety and reliability. Customers can rest assured that their heavy haulage needs are being met with the utmost professionalism and care, making SG Haulage a go-to choice for heavy transportation solutions. If you have any questions about our fleet, or would like to book one of our haulage services, please get in touch with our team at SG Haulage today.