How to Prepare Your Caravan For Towing

Reading Time: 2 mins

We all love our home comforts, so going on a caravaning holiday is a great option for many people who prefer to cater for themselves but still want the freedom of exploring what the UK and Europe has to offer. From beautiful seaside towns to warm beaches and green pastures, you can get that little bit closer to nature by travelling in a caravan.

But, before you set off on your next trip away, you may need to prepare your caravan for towing. Read on for some top tips that will ensure your trailer is safe for the journey ahead.

Pack it correctly

Packing your caravan in the right way will minimise a lot of problems that could otherwise occur while towing. Aways start by referring to you car’s handbook so you know exactly what the maximum towing capacity is before you begin packing. It’s also a good idea to make the nose heavier than the back of the trailer as this will avoid tipping, and only pack the necessities. Unless you’re travelling to the middle of nowhere, extra water can be accessed at your campsite, and groceries can be purchased at your destination.

Items should be packed in the following way:

Heavy items – larger items such as bikes, barbeques and TV’s should be weight before loaded, and always keep the heaviest items as low as possible to prevent unnecessary pressure.

Medium items – next you should load medium sized items, these can be spread out more than heavier items but should still be stored in the middle and bottom of the trailer.

Light items – small amounts of clothing and lighter items can be kept in the overhead storage.

Plan your route

As you would with any other type of trip, plan your route well in advance as some areas are not suitable for caravans, and you may not be able to access certain routes. . Additionally, narrow roads could prove difficult to navigate, so querying  this beforehand will allow you enough time to come up with an alternative route.

Extra tips

  • Be careful when driving – allow extra room around you, more time for manoeuvers and stick to towing speeds.
  • Purchase mirror attachments so you have full visibility.
  • Use the lightest version of everything you need – e.g. reusable plastic plates and cutlery.

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