How to Plan a Move Abroad

Reading Time: 2 mins

Moving house can be stressful in any situation, but moving abroad comes with its own set of particular challenges. From organising how to ship all your belongings, to arranging any visas or other documents you might need, there’s a lot to think about. Luckily, with a bit of forward thinking, a move abroad can be managed so that it doesn’t feel completely overwhelming. If you’re looking for some tips about how to plan your move to another country, then read on and start looking forward to an exciting new chapter.

Apply for a visa

Visa requirements will vary from country to country, but the information you need can be found on your new country of residence’s government website, which should have a list of any documents you’ll need to support your application. Many countries allow you to stay for a certain length of time without a visa, but if you’re planning to live and work in a country permanently then you must sort out your visa requirements before you make the move.

Plan ahead for health care

It’s vital to understand the health care system in whichever country you’re moving to, especially somewhere like the US where you’ll need health insurance. You might also need some up to date immunizations or vaccine shots before you move, and you’ll need to find out whether any prescriptions you take are easily available.

Moving belongings

You’ll need to decide which belongings to ship over to your new residence, and also consider whether to put any bulky items such as furniture in storage. If your new home comes fully furnished then you may not need to take too much with you, but sentimental items can always be stored if it isn’t practical to transport them. You’ll also need to think about what to do with any vehicles; will you transport them via haulage, sell them or even drive them to your new residence?

Sort out your tax

You’ll need to notify HMRC to inform them of your move, otherwise you could end up paying additional taxes which aren’t necessary. You can get a P85 form from Revenue and Customs to fill out; this will inform the authorities of your move and ensure you’re being taxed appropriately.

Talk to your bank

Your bank is another authority who will need to be informed of your plans and travel dates, and you can talk to them about switching any necessary payments or opening an international credit card. Also research banks in your new area and make sure you have all the necessary documents to open an account.

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