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What constitutes an abnormal load? There are a number of criteria which will place your cargo in this category. Weight wise, a total cargo load of more than 44,000kg, or an axel load of more than 10,000kg. Size wise, a width of more than 2.9 metres, or a length greater than 18.65 metres. If your proposed load falls into this category, then SG Haulage are your first choice for abnormal load transport in Lincoln, Nottingham, Grantham, and nearby areas. With 25 years of experience in hauling all sorts of abnormal loads across the UK and within Europe, we also have a 23 strong fleet of vehicles designed to handle varied cargoes. We are a family firm you can trust, and whose customer service is second to none. SG Haulage also uses Electronic Service Delivery for Abnormal Loads (ESDAL), an innovative software and mapping system which not only allows us to plan the best route for your cargo, but also allows us to communicate with the relevant agencies such as police and the Highways Agency to notify them that your cargo will be passing through their area.

Whatever your abnormal load, from gas turbines to modular homes to large yachts, our 25 years’ experience means that you can choose SG Haulage with confidence to guarantee that your cargo arrives safely. Our specialist team carry out all relevant risk assessments, method statements, and lift plans, so that you know that every stage of your load’s journey is being looked after by professionals. For all your Lincoln area abnormal load needs, and in the surrounding areas, we are the market leaders for moving larger cargoes throughout the United Kingdom and to selected countries in Europe. We already hold most of the required permits for the UK, France, Holland, Belgium, and Germany, which saves processing time if your delivery is time sensitive.

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Efficient arrivals through Electronic Service Delivery

The ESDAL is the Electronic Service Delivery for Abnormal Loads. When we undergo abnormal load haulage, the Highways Agency state that we have to notify the police, highway, and bridge authorities. To streamline the process and get your cargo delivery moving quicker, we use this system to notify all parties electronically. The innovative mapping system also helps plot the most efficient route to get your haul delivered on time.

Escort vehicles for secure abnormal load cargo transportation

We have two escort vehicles available for awkward loads and specialist haulage. To minimise disruption to other road users, we negotiate suitable routes and times with the notifiable parties. Risk assessments, Method Statements and Lift Plans are all provided by SG Haulage where required and we’ll take care of the whole haulage process for you.

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International Haulage

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If you are planning to transport an abnormal load soon, then please call SG Haulage today to discuss your cargo and to receive a no obligation quote on 01522 702 443.

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