Heavy haulage in the UK and beyond

Heavy Haulage Specialists in Lincoln

SG Haulage’s main specialty is in transporting heavy or abnormal loads. Since we formed the business in 1993, we have expanded our fleet, our training, and our knowledge so that we can say with confidence that we are the best haulage company providing heavy transport services in Lincoln, Grantham, Nottingham, and surrounding areas. If your cargo weighs more than 44,000kg, an axel load greater than 10,000kg, a width greater than 2.9 metres, or a length greater than 18.65 metres, then it is classed as an abnormal load. Dealing with these types of load is now second nature to the SG Haulage team, and our training and experience means you can trust us to get your cargo safely to its destination, no matter how snug the route!

Truck carrying concrete slabs

Organise a heavy haul with our varied fleet

The SG Haulage fleet includes various trailers, semi loaders, step frame, and low loaders with ramp and axel extenders. We’ve transported a Potato Grader to an agricultural show and demolition equipment to construction sites. Simply tell us what you need moving and we will plan a route and heavy haulage vehicle to suit your heavy job specifications.

International haulage

Range of heavy haulage vehicles available

Front of the truck


With a gross weight of 80 tons giving us a pay load of 56 tons maximum.

Office unite on the back of the truck


With a gross weight of 65 tons giving us a pay load of 40 tons maximum.

Office unite on the back of the truck


Fixed bed with out-riggers and double flip hydraulic loading ramps 900mm lower deck height.

Office unite on the back of the truck


With a maximum lower bed length of 14.1 meters making the overall trailer length of 18.1 meters with out-riggers and double flip loading ramps and 2 self-tracking steering axles. 900mm lower deck height.

Office unite on the back of the truck


Step frame fixed bed with out-riggers and double flip loading ramps.

Office unite on the back of the truck


With out-riggers and clip on alloy loading ramps. Maximum lower deck length fully extended 13.9 meters with one self-tracking rear steering axle. 800mm lower deck height.

Office unite on the back of the truck

2, 3 & 4 AXLE

Knock out neck extendable low loaders with deck heights from 300mm – 600mm all fully power steered.

Lincoln Based Heavy Transport Company

SG Haulage uses ESDAL (Electronic Service Delivery for Abnormal Loads), which allows us to plot the best routes and to also, as required by The Highways Agency, notify police, highway, and bridge authorities that an abnormal load will be passing through their area. The innovative electronic mapping system which ESDAL uses allows us to identify the optimum route and to avoid potential problems such as low bridges or difficult turnings. We also have our own 2 escort vehicles for abnormal loads and specialist haulage. If you are planning heavy haulage to or from Lincoln or the surrounding area, then contact us now to discuss your needs.

Heavy Haulage Across the UK and Beyond

If you need a heavy or abnormal load delivered to Europe, SG Haulage have existing permits in place for such cargo in Germany, France, Belgium, and Holland. We have vast experience of moving all type of boats too, from speedboats to large yachts. For all our heavy and abnormal loads, we carry out risk assessments, lift plans, and method statements, and we will take care of every aspect of the haulage process for you so that you know it is being dealt with competently and safely. Contact our Lincoln based heavy transport company today to discuss your needs on 01522 702 443.

Contact us for large and extra-large heavy hauls today on 01522 702 443