Five Great Reasons to Move to the Netherlands

Reading Time: 2 mins

Sometimes informally referred to as Holland (although this is technically two provinces within the Netherlands), this northwestern European country is known for its stunning canals, cycle routes and amazing art. The capital Amsterdam lies in the province of North Holland, and this city alone packs in more than enough reasons to think about moving to this beautiful area. The Netherlands also makes frequent appearances on lists of the best places to live across the world, so there are many reasons to choose this area if you’re thinking about a change of scene.

If you’ve been considering a move to the Netherlands but need some reasons to take the plunge, see our list below for just five great reasons to move to this stunning country.

It’s very safe

The Netherlands has one of the lowest crime rates in the world, as well as low levels of poverty and strong rehabilitation programmes. The Netherland is also seen as being very tolerant and friendly, with people of all economic backgrounds, races and religions coexisting peacefully.

A healthy work-life balance

On average, Dutch people work fewer hours than other European countries, and pay tends to be higher too. The working day usually starts early with an earlier finish, to allow more time in the evenings for socialising with family and friends. The amount of holiday days is enviable too, with an average of 25 days paid holiday, and over 10 public holiday days.

Excellent transport

The Netherlands is known for its excellent public transport system, with a series of reliable trains, buses, trams and ferries ensuring that it’s quick and easy to get around. The country is also famed for its love of cycling, and there are over 32,000 km of cycle paths to choose from, as well as dedicated cycling lanes on many of the roads.

Beautiful scenery

This picturesque country has plenty of gorgeous scenery to explore, from the canals of Amsterdam to rural tulip fields, iconic windmills and bold modern architecture. Visit the 14th century Castle Haar, explore the history and narrow streets of Delft or cycle into the countryside to take in the country’s breathtaking green spaces.

Great location

The Netherlands is perfectly located for exploring other European countries with ease, with its close proximity to Germany, France, Belgium and Luxembourg. These countries are just a short flight away, but they’re also easily reached by car or train.

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