Caravan Maintenance Tips and Guidance

Reading Time: 2 mins

After buying a home, a caravan, particularly a brand new one, could be one of the most costly things you purchase. So it’s crucial you look after it from day one as caravans don’t maintain themselves. In the same way that you’d give your car an annual service, it’s important you do the same with your caravan. A service agreement should be included in the warranty for at least three years. With this in mind, here are a few pointers for keeping your caravan in tip-top condition.

Check your tyres

Being aware of your caravan’s roadworthiness is essential. You’ll need to check the tread and air pressure of the tyres just as you would your car. Look out for tyre cracking and tread depth. You’ll also need to tighten the wheel nuts. A high-pressure hose wash on the tyres will rid any debris. If you think the tyres are out of shape and worn, replace them before you make a trip.

Check the lights

Check that the caravan lights are all working. This includes interior lighting; from the fridge bulb to the all important outside lighting, braking and indicating. Ensure that you have replacement bulbs available and that the tow car and caravan links are securely working.

Check your handbrakes

After a period of winter storage, the handbrake will need testing – don’t wait until your first trip. If it feels too tight, you’ll need to lubricate it. And while you’ve got the WD40 out, it’s also worth oiling the door and window hinges to make sure they move easily.

Check the curtains and curtain rails

You should remove any curtains along with removable soft furnishings, cushions and bedding before the caravan is laid up for the winter months. A little bit of furniture polish along the curtain rail ensures smooth-pulling curtains. If you find that your curtains have become slightly musty, it’s certainly worth investing in a dehumidifier.

Check the battery

Ensure that you have changed your caravan battery and changed it throughout winter. If you haven’t done this, ensure that you do it as soon as you can. Test the battery after charging to make sure it’s working efficiently.

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