Benefits Of Open Car Shipping

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If you’re looking to transport your car from one place to another without driving it there yourself, you’ve likely come across open transport car shipping during your research. A reliable, efficient and safe method of car transportation, it’s also much cheaper and quicker than enclosed car shipping. Read on to learn more about how this kind of car shipping works and its benefits

What is open transport car shipping?

Open transport car shipping is a relatively straightforward method of transporting your car, which involves an open trailer or lorry, usually carrying multiple vehicles. An open transport carrier is usually larger and can carry around ten cars since it has no covering and is not enclosed. People who have the luxury or high-end cars may opt for alternate methods where their car can be kept in a covered or enclosed space during transportation. However, there are lots of benefits to open transport too.

Why is open transport car shipping beneficial?

There is a multitude of benefits to this kind of car shipping, and they are applicable to people in a range of situations. So, to find out if open transport car shipping is the best option for you, here is a list of just some reasons why it is so beneficial.

1. Popularity

Open transportation is much more common than many people realise, meaning you don’t have to book it weeks or months in advance. In fact, you’ve probably driven down the motorway and seen one of these vehicles at some point!

These types of open carriers can usually carry around ten or twelve cars at a time, so it’s relatively easy to find space on an open transport lorry. This is especially useful if you need a slot at short notice or you can’t be certain when you will need the vehicle moved until the last minute.

2. Size

Since open transport has no covering or specified size restraints, it can transport larger vehicles without a problem. Whether your car is especially long or tall, it will still be able to fit on an open transport vehicle, so this might be the best option if you have a large car.

3. Safety

Open carriers have many precautions set up to hold your vehicle in place and ensure its safety. If you are particularly worried about your car being damaged, you can even choose single-layered transport, which means the driver will be able to monitor the safety of the car frequently just by checking their mirrors.

4. Speed

Open transport car shipping is one of the fastest ways to move your car from one place to another. This is partly due to the popularity of the method and the fact that these carriers are capable of moving a much higher number of vehicles at once. Therefore, they can make the same trip but much fewer times to transport the same amount of vehicles. Open transport is also known to be lighter than enclosed transport, meaning it can travel faster, reaching your destination sooner.

5. Price

If that isn’t enough to sway you, all of this is also available at a cheaper price than other methods of transportation. Being lighter means less fuel is used, leading to a lower cost for you. Having an abundance of cars that need transporting is also beneficial to this. So, you can enjoy a safe, quicker and more flexible service for a lower price. No wonder it’s more popular!

6. No hassle

When it comes to transporting cars, there is a range of reasons you might not want to drive it from place to place yourself. Perhaps you simply don’t have the time or maybe you don’t want to add unnecessary miles to the vehicle. Either way, transporting or driving the vehicle yourself can be a hassle. Open transport is a much easier and more stress-free solution as you can let the professionals do the job for you.

Who can provide open transport car shipping?

We understand your car’s importance to you, and sending it away with an unknown company can be scary. Here at SG Haulage, we pride ourselves on the care we take with all vehicles. We are dedicated to providing an easy and stress-free service, ensuring your vehicle is safe and protected throughout its journey with us. We’ll ensure that it arrives exactly as you left it with us, within plenty of time.

Whether you are buying, selling or simply moving a car, it must arrive without a scratch and with all of the correct documentation. To make the process as smooth as possible, we will handle all the paperwork for you and our experienced driver will drop off your car in pristine condition without you having to lift a finger.

If you need your vehicle to be transported and want to make sure this process is completed safely and securely by someone you can trust, get in touch with us at SG Haulage or by calling us today. A member of our team will be more than happy to answer any more questions you may have or set up the transfer of your vehicle right away!