5 tips on finding reliable haulage companies

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If you’re running a large-scale business here in the UK, you’ll probably already understand how important having a haulage company on the books is. With the industry carrying 1.39 billion tonnes of goods across 18.8 billion miles back in 2018, the haulage sector is one of the key cogs to the British economical machine. However, as a business owner, you’ll always be wanting to know that your money is well spent and that the transport company you decide to invest in can actually deliver a quality service.

You may have heard the various horror stories being bandied around lately of shady haulage companies taking their clients for a ride. A prime example of this came from a Cumbrian firm who were convicted of falsifying tachograph records, swindling millions of pounds and putting their drivers and cargo at risk.

Because of this, you may be wondering how to truly make sure you’re cutting out the rubbish and working with the best in the business. Luckily there a few things you can do to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth. Read on to discover our top five tips on finding the most reliable haulage companies.

What are the benefits of a reliable heavy haulage company?

Of course, if you’re still deciding whether investing in a haulage company is right for your business, you may still be wondering how they can benefit your operation. Luckily, a quality haulage company can offer a range of benefits that could truly transform how your business operates.

A cost-effective option

Although it may seem counterintuitive to argue that investing in a haulage company is actually an economical choice, having a firm to hand for your transportation needs can actually be extremely cost-effective in the long run.

The other option, of course, is to try and carry out haulage work internally. This will include leasing a suitable vehicle, maintenance costs and employee salaries, all of which will soon begin to add up.

On the other hand, by investing in a haulage company who specialises in the industry, you can create a lucrative partnership and work together to both accrue profit.


When you hire the services of a haulage firm, you’re not only getting their vehicles, you’re also getting their team of experts with ample experience in the industry. In the cutthroat world of UK business, an operation needs to run as smoothly as possible in order to keep itself afloat.

With this in mind, it’s important to have a haulage team with the skills and expertise to offer a professional service and ensure your cargo reaches its destination safely and efficiently.


Although it would be nice for all heavy cargo to be able to be packed neatly into boxes, goods and equipment come in a variety of shapes and sizes. With this in mind, you need to be working with a haulage firm that can offer a flexible and varied service in return.

Haulage firms with a fleet of vehicles are able handle any and all types of cargo, giving you peace of mind that you’re working with the best.

How to find the best road haulage firm

Of course, the benefits you can expect to gain from hiring a haulage company can only really be reaped if you partner with a reliable and professional firm. As we’ve already mentioned, some companies look to swindle their clients or practice shady business tactics to succeed, which is why it’s important to invest with confidence.

The legal stuff

Although it may sound pretty obvious, it’s essential to check that your chosen haulage company has all of its legal paperwork in order before taking a job. For starters, you should check that all of the drivers are licenced to drive a heavy goods vehicle.

As large pieces of machinery carrying heavy cargo, these vehicles require a much higher level of skill to operate safely, which is why it’s so important that operatives are fully trained.

These inherent risks also mean that your haulage business should be adequately insured in order to protect your cargo whilst it’s on the move. A business will need to have this paperwork, however, they are not required to show you so you’ll need to ask them for it.

The importance of reputation

When it comes to the haulage sector, reputation is everything in such a competitive industry. Anyone can set up their own haulage business, but it takes years worth of successful jobs and happy customers to create a positive reputation.

With this in mind, a quality haulage company will be more than happy to supply you with references to previous to highlight their track record. However, it can be useful to spend a little bit of time researching the company online via review sites like Yell.

Source quotes

This is useful when looking for any kind of service but is especially applicable to the haulage industry. By sourcing at least three heavy haulage companies in your area, you can begin to create a picture of both the local and national markets.

This can be an especially useful thing to know as it allows you to cut out the exploitatively high quotes and the suspiciously low ones, leaving you with the companies offering the best service at a competitive price.

Discuss your requirements

It’s never ideal when things go wrong with a haulage job and without ample communication regarding your needs for the operation, you could risk losing lucrative business.

Because of this, spend ample time with your chosen haulage company planning through obstacles and objectives that your business faces and ensure that there is a clear line of communication to the firm if something changes.

It can also be useful to be upfront about ongoing work and whether there is an opportunity for your chosen haulier to commit to a long-term contract. If so, a haulage firm may be able to offer you a better price now or in the future so it’s always best to let them know.

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Haulage firms are an essential component for any large business looking to stay on top of its game. Whether it’s transporting food to market or moving crane parts to the next construction job; if your business is on the move, a haulier is here to help.

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